In search of a second opinion.

I am sorry to have been gone so long.  I was on a Roman Holiday (“n. a time of debauchery or sadistic enjoyment” – so okay, just literally, not figuratively) and it was quite amazingly wonderful.

But sadly, all really is better in Italy.  No sooner did I arrive in the breadbasket of Patriotism and Dr. Pepper but I got the news that my modest “studio” (read: regular apartment put in a procrustean bed to make room for the laundry facility) was about to be auctioned off to the hoi polloi.  Dutifully, I sent my panicked email requesting world enough and time, made my way to the management office, and was handed an innocuous lease form that bore a tiny, almost imperceptible number that just happened to be $90 more than the tiny number on the last form.


Not being the sort to take things lying down, I exited abruptly and announced my intention to “think things over.”  I did so, and formulated some demands that I thought would surely be amenable (sure, raise my rent by a hundred bucks, but at least give me internets).  The lady at the front desk gave me a look right out of the Pieta and said she had begged and plead with the mysterious Mandarin of the Jamestown Complex, but he was intractable.

I don’t know if she’s just playing good cop with me, but she seemed genuinely torn up over my plight.  So she gave me the Miraculous Mandarin’s number (his name is the cheerfully consonant-cluttered Russell Trippett) and told me to try my luck alone before the Great White Throne.

Here’s my question for you: do I masochistically accept the terms as offered, or do I use my brain, which tells me that property values are going down, not up, and look for something else (thereby exposing myself to the horrific inconvenience of moving the whole place in nothing but a tiny sedan)?  Limiting factor: I will probably only be living in Waco for one more year.

Any advice is much appreciated …


6 responses to “In search of a second opinion.

  1. Unless you live with roommates or somewhere much nastier, you will not find a better deal than what you are gettting now. But if being “proactive” makes you feel like you are sticking it to the man, go for it. Maybe I’ll move into your vacated cheap apartment.

  2. The Quadrangle has (had?) an amazing rent, if you can get in. For a 2br/1.5ba with free cable and wireless and all utilities except electric, I paid only $25 more per month than I’m paying for my one-room efficiency here in NC. The manager’s a bit . . . quirky . . . but no more so than it sounds like you’re already dealing with.

  3. P.S. Not all the Quadrangle carpets are emerald green. 🙂

  4. Garth Terrelonge

    Well, I know nothing about real estate in Waco, but I would say that $100/month is a significant sum — especially for an entire year. Yes, moving is a pain, but if you can find somewhere suitable (i.e. not a complete dump) for less money, move. Surely you can find a friend or two to help (I’d offer my own services, but distance is a bit of a problem).

  5. You’re probably not going to get into Quadrangle at this point, though checking probably won’t hurt much.

    Sadly, property values versus demand for living space probably doesn’t leverage you much, this year. You’re on the cash flow side of their business, which means their incentives (if investment property values are down) are not in your favor.

    But call the boss man and make a pain of yourself. Someone, somewhere, should be able to negotiate something. It’s not like you don’t have a captive audience of future renters….

  6. Robert, I had read somewhere that if your lease had not already ended by the time they informed you of the new rate, they cannot increase your rent by more than $30 / year. I believe this was on the Consumerist a while back, I would recommend you take a look at it & find out your rights. But if they’re going to dick you around you might want to move somewhere else anyway.

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