A meme I bogarted from the bro.


1. Books

2. A ratty mattress

3. A sound system

4. A screwdriver (the tool, more’s the pity)

5. A microwave

6. A kitchen (my apartment is just one room)

7. A many-headed hydra lamp



1. Water

2. Coffee

3. Beer

4. Poetry

5. Classical music

6. Friends

7. Family



1. Go to India

2. Live in a monastery and contemplate for a couple months

3. Move to a new city on pure impulse

4. Publish a book of poems

5. Publish a novel

6. Eat haggis

7. Sleep in a wilderness without a tent



Do You:

1. Believe in God? Yes.

2. Had a dream come true?  Not so much; mine are horrendously surreal.  But if you see a disembodied hand walking itself down a handrail, you’ll know one did.

3. Read the newspaper?  I read Slate and the BBC online and I pick up a WSJ at school sometimes for token conservative bias. :p

4. Pray? Yes.

5. Have a job? Teacher of Record, Baylor U.

6. Go to church? Yes.

7. Wish on shooting stars? Sometimes I wish that the given asteroid will not land on me …



1. Cried? No.

2. Had fun? Depends on how you define “fun.” :p

3. Been kissed? Negative, more’s the pity.

4. Felt stupid? I felt other people were stupid, if that counts …

5. Talked to an ex? Two.

6. Missed someone? Sure. 

7. Hugged someone? Yes.



TEN random things about me:

10. I can, and do, blink my eyes independently of one another.

09. I think the world “culvert” is the English langauge’s ugliest.

08. I frequently tap tunes with various body parts.

07.  Despite what you’re thinking, I actually don’t have Tourette’s.

06. I despise, with frenzied passion, any form of melted cheese.

05. I find skeletons endlessly amusing (thanks, Con-man)

04. I am the best driver on Baylor’s campus. 

03. I prefer slow movies to fast ones.

02. I am less interesting than you’d think upon first meeting me. 

01. I once won a 5k only because I was the only person in my age group to show up.


NINE ways to win my heart:

09. Be endlessly deep.

08. Listen to and/or play music with me.

07. Don’t force me to spend hours in awkward social situations.

06. Read my poetry and show me yours.

05. Read other people’s poetry and discuss it with me.

04. Love to travel.

03. Share your doubts.

02. Be capricious in anything except interpersonal relationships.

01. Share your faith with me and respect mine …


SEVEN ways to annoy me:

07. Talk through my class.

06. Block me from merging on the highway.

05. Pretend to know things that you don’t.

04. Pose as a critical cynic just because you think liking things is “unfashionable”

03. Criticize modern art/poetry/prose without understanding it

02. Use a platitude (especially about politics or religion)

01. Walk around in dressy locales whilst wearing sweaty athletic gear.


SIX things I believe in:

06. The idiocy of most people.

05. The dignity of most people.

04. The unmitigated brilliance of J.L. Borges

03. God.

02. The conviction that virtue is (and must be) its own reward.

01. The transience of pleasure.


FIVE things I’m afraid of:

05. Anyone driving a car (besides me)

04. Rejection.

03. Four more years of Republican rule

02. The dreadful allure of fascism

01. Disease


FOUR of my favorite items in my room:

04. Collected Poetry of Czeslaw Milosz

03. The Art of Fugue (arranged for saxophone quartet)

02. My MacBook

01. My rad old-school speakers


THREE things I do everyday

03. Stress out about teaching

02. Go to the coffee shop

01. Cogitate


TWO things I want to do right now:

02. Be done grading

01. Have more money


ONE person I want to see right now:

01. Anyone who will have a deep conversation with me.

4 responses to “A meme I bogarted from the bro.

  1. Garth Terrelonge

    Art of the fugue for SAXOPHONE quartet????? Now, THAT I’ve got to hear, even if only so I can offer informed ridicule.

  2. You hate melted cheese? What???

    I am developing a whole new appreciation for the art of fresh pizza (with lots and lots and lots of melted cheese) now that I have that or a strange brown thing claiming to be fried cod to choose from in the cafeteria.

    How goeth the decoration of the teeny apartment?

  3. a) I’m so glad you have the Hydra. Does only one head still work?

    b) I know of a monastery! 😉

    c) I laughed till I cried at the disembodied hand dream.

    d) Is anybody endlessly deep? I mean, anybody other than God? I know I’m not. I do well to be sometimes a little bit deep, and come out of it without having looked too terribly silly.

  4. Once I came in second in a 10K. My friend and I were the only ones in our age group. She won.

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