Stop it.

Pundits.  Stop using this verb.  “To vet.”  As in, “he must be vetted thoroughly”; “the press has yet to vet him on this matter”; and so on.  I don’t think I’d heard this verb more than once a decade prior to 2008, when I’ve heard it maybe a hundred times.  This qualifies it as a Hyper-Trendy Verb, which is also classified as Something You Shouldn’t Use.

What about examine, investigate, check, or scrutinize?  Are those somehow obsolete?

However, if using “to vet” keeps you from saying horrid things like “we interfaced with the Tokyo people” or “the train will platform at 9 pm” or “the groom was gifted with a bottle of scotch,” well, then go ahead.  Verbs are so wonderful, though; please don’t mutilate them!

2 responses to “Stop it.

  1. I wonder if, in some subconscious sense, some of these pundits think they won’t be as “with it” as their colleagues if they don’t use the new word in vogue? Or is it some kind of subconscious lemming propensity? 😛 I’ll have to vet that theory.

  2. What about “to regift”? I don’t know of any other way to convey that specific meaning. Otherwise, agreed.:-)

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