The truth is … I’m not computer-man.

I saw the film Ironman, starring Robert Downey, Jr., this afternoon.  I’m generally allergic to comic book adaptations, so I was a bit nervous about this; however, the director kept the burnished bodysuits off his characters for most of the film, leaving room for Downey, Jr. to develop his character from a kind of self-parody into a duty-bound maverick genius, and for some understated sparks to fly between him and Gwyneth Paltrow — playing, oddly enough, his administrative assistant.  The bodysuits are admittedly a little goofy when seen close-up, but this is part of the genre.  If you wish to see a film in this genre, then, give it a watch.  It’s pretty cool.

In unrelated news, it’s more difficult than you might think to get information off one hard drive and onto another.  I asked the fellow at the Apple store how I might do this, considering that my old computer is defunct; he seemed to imply that it is easy.  All you need is a SATA cable!  So I went to Best Buy and enquired after one of these:

“Well, it’s not a cable.  It’s an enclosure.”

“Do you have them?”

“Yeah, but they’re like 70 dollars.”

So I tried Radio Shack, who had plenty of “enclosures” for around nine bucks, but entirely of the wrong kind.  Sounds like we’re a few centuries overdue for another Enclosure Act.  As it stands, I’ll probably have to spend $100 to get some professional to give me my precious incarcerated iTunes library back.  Blah.

Oh, and I will be getting my drug test for Fred Meyer on Monday.  Pray that I pass it (gulp) and look forward to some writings about the good old Deli.

2 responses to “The truth is … I’m not computer-man.

  1. I too have encountered that nemesis the SATA cable. I suppose it’s the price one pays for owning a Mac.

    Love the idea of the summer reading challenge! Hopefully I shall prove worthy 🙂

    P.S. I love the name you picked for the blog…it’s one of Charles Ryder’s favorite qoutes from the Bible. But since you’re not fictional, I think you win!

  2. Robert! You should talk to ME about any computer questions you have. You may have to put up with a little trash talk about Macs, but hey, I can give you the straight talk about most things hardware related. 😉

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