Earth to Interweb …

Let’s be honest: the Blog and I have a difficult history.  Having been both a dangerous Luddite and a technocrat-wannabe in my day, and everything in between, I find it hard to blame it.  My latest “blog” took a hint from my youthful passion and decided to be utterly, exclusively political, not to mention a little angry.  I got frustrated with it, but kept serving its rapacious desire for screed and soapbox.  I shall continue to do so; however, the desire for a slightly more humane outlet has seized me lately, so here you go: a site of vanities, a tribute to my favorite book of the Bible, the future locus amoenus for those of you who love to read agonizing tales of wage-slavery in delicatessens, and yes, maybe even some politicking if I feel like it.

You might also end up party to some petty philosophizing, so enter with caution.

One response to “Earth to Interweb …

  1. Came in via your facebook link – the blog definitely sounds like you, and that might be the best compliment one can give in blogdom. I really do like how these entries flow so far – I need to work on brevity and engaging the reader personally more.

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